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Simon Pyle

Eye (LG G4), UV Print on acrylic 18” x 12” 2016
Eye (LG G4), UV Print on acrylic 18” x 12” 2016

Simon Pyle’s work deals with preservation and loss in the digital age. His aesthetic is influenced by imaging technologies: the shape of LCD pixels, the compression of a jpeg file, or a low-resolution image used for computer-vision and facial recognition. With an intermedia approach, his work draws on the fundamental units and idioms of technology.

Pyle studied at Mills College, Stanford, and Camberwell College, and has shown his work in Los Angeles, Santa Fe, New Orleans, Chicago, San Francisco, and Guangzhou. He is Lab Director at LATITUDE Chicago and serves on the boards of Mills College and Pumping Station: One, Chicago’s oldest makerspace.

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Artist Resident