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BOLT 2018-2019

Artist Residents

Cathy Hsiao, BOLT Artist-in-Residence 2018-19
Cathy Hsiao

Cathy Hsiao is an artist working in Chicago.

She comes from a background in craft, weaving animal fibers dyed with plants, and was raised by a Buddhist mother. “Plant and Animal Studio” keeps this name as acknowledgement of those histories.

Danny Giles, BOLT Artist-in-Residence 2018-19
Danny Giles

Danny Giles combines objects, images and ideas to give form to political and metaphysical positions.

BOLT Artist-in-Residence 2018-19
Devin Mays

My practice is an auto-ethnographic investigation of the in-between -- an intermediate space navigated by the social polarities of my identity.

Erin Hayden, BOLT Artist-in-Residence 2018-19
Erin Hayden

Erin Hayden currently lives and works in Chicago. She received her MFA in Art Theory and Practice at Northwestern University.

Mev Luna, BOLT Resident 2018-19
Mev Luna

MEV LUNA (b., 1988) ​is an interdisciplinary artist ​living and working in Chicago. ​​Drawing from autobiography, critical race theory, and corporate self-betterment training programs, Luna’s work engages history to underscore the fictions that hold power over contemporary experience and dominate speculative futures. 

SaraNoa Mark, Artist-in-Residence 2018-19
SaraNoa Mark

SaraNoa Mark (b. 1991 New York, NY) pursues a drawing practice that reflects a desire to evidence the constant and invisible activity of time.