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Midwest Artist Exchange

Chicago Artists Coalition’s Midwest Artist Exchange is an annual initiative that nurtures connections and collaborations among CAC’s BOLT Residency and artistic communities in neighboring Midwest cities. 

The core aspect of the program is two back-to-back weekend-long tours in Chicago and another Midwestern city in which the artists, partnering organizations and staff participate in an exchange of ideas, trends and knowledge that taps each group into the creative  production within the other community. Both tours include visits to artist-run spaces, studios, galleries, museums and more, as well as presentations, potlucks, and facilitated discussions amongst the artists and participating administrators. Through these tours, all participants have the opportunity to experience an intimate view of each space, share each other's visions and ideas, as well as foster new connections and relationships.

If you are an arts organization or institution looking to partner with us, or would like more information about the Exchange program, please contact Teresa E. Silva, Director of Exhibitions and Residencies, at  


Click below to learn more about each Exchange:

2014 │ Milwaukee Artist Resource Network (MARN), MKE<->LAX and AYZHA Fine Arts Gallery


2013 │ Soap Factory and Springboard for the Arts, Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN


2012 │ Power House Productions, Detroit, MI